• RISHABH True-RMS Multimeter with Insulation Resistance Measurement

RISHABH RishMit 30 True-RMS Analog/Digital Multimeter with Insulation Resistance Measurement  

  • Insulation resistance measurement up to 3G Ohm  with Test voltages selection: 50 V, 100V, 250V, 500V and 1000V.
  • Route mean square value with distorted wave form - Measuring principal employed permits the measurement of rout mean square value (TRMS) OF AC quantities and mixed quantities (AC and DC) regardless of wave form.
  • AC Current measurement with clip-on sensor - Current measurement up to 300A with clip-on sensor having ratio 1mV/10mA.
  • Min/Max Function - By pressing min/max button instrument will start recording minimum and maximum readings.
  • Temperature measurement - Temperatures from -200 to 800 ºC using pt100 and pt 1000 sensors.
  • Protection from dust and water Ip50 For terminals : IP20 as per IEC60529
  • Applicable International Safety standards - 1000 V CAT II/600V CAT III as per International Safety standard IEC 61010-1- 2001 and IEC 61557.
  • Signaling in the case of a blown fuse - display shows “FUSE” in case of blown fuse.
  • Automatic blocking socket (ABS) - automatic terminal blocking system prevents incorrect connection of test lead and incorrect selection of measurement quantity, which provide safety to the user.
  • Interface and software RISH com 100 - multimeters are fitted with a serial RS-232 C interface via which the measured values can be transmitted to a PC. These values, electrically isolated, are transmitted to the attachable interface adaptor with infrared light through the case.
  • NULL ZERO Correction for Resistance - for Low ohm measurement, the lead resistance can be compensated by pressing the shift key (Yellow Key)
  • NULL ZERO Correction for Capacitance - Null zero connection for capacitance. For nF range, stray capacitance can be compensated by shift key (Yellow Key)
  • Display with Backlit - clear visibility in dark conditions, RISH MIT 30 is featured with backlit.

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RISHABH True-RMS Multimeter with Insulation Resistance Measurement

  • Brand: RISHABH
  • Product Code: RishMit 30

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